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Exploration of Architecture Summer Program for High School Students

The School of Architecture offers two- and four-week programs for high school students (must have completed ninth grade by the start of the program) who have no previous experience but are interested in architecture. The program, which began in 1983, is particularly rewarding for students who are contemplating a career in architecture. However, all students find the exposure to the unique problem-solving methodologies of architecture a benefit regardless of their final career choice. Living on campus in a USC residence hall, high school students experience what it is like to be a university student. They participate in studio classes with professional critics and present their ideas in reviews attended by parents and friends.

The program also exposes them, through case studies, sketching exercises and field trips, to some of the most dramatic and impressive historical and modern architecture of Los Angeles. International students have especially appreciated the opportunity to pursue this summer program of study that is not highly dependent on English language skills. Limited financial assistance is available.

Obtain program details by visiting the School of Architecture Website or by calling (800) 281-8616.

Summer Program in Heritage Conservation

This program offers three weeks of classes with noted experts from Southern California and the United States. Taken together the courses act as a general introduction to the field of heritage conservation. In addition to examining the history and philosophy of the conservation movement as it has evolved during the past century, lectures and field trips to historic sites throughout the Los Angeles area will introduce students to a broad range of legal, economic, aesthetic and technical issues associated with the documentation, conservation and interpretation of historic structures, landscapes and communities.

For more information, call (213) 821-2168.

The Building Science Program in Civil Engineering

The Sonny Astani Department of Civil Engineering offers an undergraduate program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, with an emphasis in building science. The curriculum includes most of the work which is required for the major in structures, plus 30 units in architectural studies offered by the School of Architecture. See the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, Civil Engineering section of this catalogue for further information.