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Major Restrictions

Enrollment in most 500-level business courses by non-business graduate students requires special permission. For information about the registration application process for non-business students, visit the Schedule of Classes.

Food Industry Management (FIM)

FIM 420 Food Retailing Management (4, Sp) Strategic techniques of merchandising, pricing, and distributing products in the food industry with emphasis on new product development, including market segmentation and positioning.

FIM 480 Food Industry Financial Accounting and Analysis (4, Sp) Analysis of financial statements from food industry; cost and management accounting techniques in business planning, decision-making, cost control, and performance evaluation.

FIM 481 Food Marketing Research (4, Sp) Application of marketing research tools and techniques to problems of the food industry. Development of a major consumer research project.

FIM 582 Food Industry Decision-Making (4, Sp) Involvement with specific management situations related to the food industry, its environment, and its consumers. Emphasizes managerial functions and decision-making through case studies.