University of Southern California

Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC

Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry DDS students care for a patient in the Norris Dental Science Center. Under the supervision of expert faculty, dental students and residents provide a wide range of oral health care services to patients, from routine checkups and cleanings to fitting braces and treating oral diseases.

Since 1897, the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC has provided students with unique, intensive clinical experiences using the most advanced techniques and technologies in the field. Graduates form a tightly knit community of proud alumni, provide top-notch patient care, conduct world-class research and lead the oral health field.

The school’s strength is its educators. Their world-renowned expertise, combined with innovative curricula, gives students the strong clinical education they need to become great oral health professionals. The curricula include the Doctor of Dental Surgery program, the baccalaureate in dental hygiene program and postdoctoral advanced and specialty programs: endodontics, general practice residency, operative dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orofacial pain, oral medicine, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontology and prosthodontics. Other programs include an advanced standing program for international dentists; a Master of Science degree in dental hygiene; online Master of Science degrees in geriatric dentistry, orofacial pain and oral medicine; an online graduate certificate program in geriatric dentistry, and master’s and Ph.D. degrees in craniofacial biology.

The Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry’s celebrated status as a well-funded dental and craniofacial research unit allows students to enrich their education through laboratory activities and bolster their clinical skills with strong scientific foundations.

Through community service, the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry provides valuable clinical experiences to the students while helping disadvantaged individuals improve their oral health. Serving the surrounding community, whether at the school’s dental clinics or at community outreach sites throughout Los Angeles and Southern California, helps students develop clinical competency and learn to treat all members of diverse communities with care and compassion.

Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC


Avishai Sadan, DMD, Dean

Mahvash Navazesh, DMD, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Student Life

Douglas Solow, DDS, MBA, Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs

Roseann Mulligan, M.S., DDS, Associate Dean of Community Health Programs and Hospital Affairs and Chair, Division of Dental Public Health and Pediatric Dentistry

Ilan Rotstein, DDS, Associate Dean of Continuing Education and Chair, Division of Endodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Orthodontics

Yang Chai, DDS, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Research

Malcolm Snead, DDS, Ph.D., Chair, Division of Biomedical Sciences

Mark Urata, M.D., DDS, FACS, FAAP, Chair, Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Casey Chen, DDS, Ph.D., Chair, Division of Periodontology, Diagnostic Sciences and Dental Hygiene

Sillas Duarte, Jr., DDS, Ph.D., Chair, Division of Restorative Sciences

James Gordon, M.A., M.Ed., Ed.D., Associate Dean and Chair, Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy

Florence Clark, M.S., Ph.D., Associate Dean and Chair, Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy


G. Donald and Marian James Montgomery Professor in Dentistry: Avishai Sadan, DMD

George and Mary Lou Boone Chair in Craniofacial Molecular Biology: Yang Chai, DDS, Ph.D.

Don and Sybil Harrington Foundation Chair in Esthetic Dentistry: Pascal Magne, DMD, Ph.D.

Sykes Family Chair in Pediatric Physical Therapy, Health and Development: Linda Fetters, Ph.D.

Ralph W. and Jean L. Bleak Professor of Restorative Dentistry: Winston Wan-Li Chee, BDS

Charles M. Goldstein Professor of Community Dentistry: Roseann Mulligan, DDS, M.S.

USC Associates Assistant Professor of Dentistry: Michael L. Paine, DDS, Ph.D.

Professors: Yang Chai, DDS, Ph.D.*; Chih-Kuang (Casey) Chen, DDS, Ph.D.; Glenn Clark, M.S., DDS; Paul C. Denny, Ph.D.*; Tina F. Jaskoll, Ph.D.; Michael Melnick, DDS, Ph.D.; Cedric Minkin, Ph.D.; Roseann Mulligan, M.S., DDS; Mahvash Navazesh, DMD; Janet Moradian-Oldak, Ph.D.; Michael Paine, BDS, Ph.D.; Pragna Patel, Ph.D.; Ilan Rotstein, DDS; Avishai Sadan, DMD; Michael L. Schneir, M.S., Ph.D.; Songtao Shi, DDS, Ph.D.; Harold C. Slavkin, DDS; Jorgen Slots, MBA, DDS, Ph.D., DMD; Malcolm L. Snead, DDS, Ph.D.

Associate Professors: Winston Wan-Li Chee, BDS; George C. Cho, DDS; Sillas Duarte, Jr., DDS, Ph.D.; Robert G. Keim, DDS, Ed.D.; Ralph L. Leung, M.S., DDS; Pascal Magne, DMD, Ph.D.; Glenn Sameshima, DDS, Ph.D.; Arnold Tiber, DDS, Ph.D.; Homayoun H. Zadeh, DDS, Ph.D.

Associate Professor (Librarianship): John P. Glueckert, MLIS

Assistant Professors of Dentistry: Ruchi Bajpai, Ph.D.; Amy Merrill-Brugger, Ph.D.; Ramiro Murata, DDS, Ph.D.; Parish P. Sedghizadeh, DDS; Jian Xu, Ph.D.

Professors of Clinical Dentistry: Jane Forrest, RDH, Ed.D.; Michael Jorgensen, DDS; Diane Melrose, BSDH, M.A.; Michael J. Mulvehill III, DDS, MBA*; Douglas Solow, DDS, MBA

Associate Professor (Clinical Scholar): Stephen Yen, DMD, Ph.D.

Associate Professors of Clinical Dentistry: Loris Abedi, DDS*; Gardner Beale, DDS; Reyes Enciso, Ph.D.; Richard Furuichi, DDS; Joyce Galligan, R.N., DDS; Richard Green, M.S. Ed., DDS; Phuu Han, DDS, Ph.D.; Michelle Ikoma, DDS; Kian Kar, M.S., DDS; Thomas Allen Levy, M.S., DDS; Niel Nathason, MPH, M.A.; Saravanan Ram, DDS, MDS; Ramon Roges, DDS; Eddie Sheh, DDS*; Donna Smith, RDH, M.S.Ed.; Joyce Sumi, RDH; Richard Udin, DDS; Mark Urata, DDS, MD

Assistant Professors of Clinical Dentistry: Michelle Aeck, Ph.D.; Tae Ahn, DDS*; Lupe Arevalo, RDH*; Kim Austin, DDS; Nissim Benbassat, DDS; Jucheng Chen, DDS, Ph.D.; Nam Cho, DDS, MD; Laura Elizondo, DDS; Sharon Faust, DDS; Alon Frydman, DDS; Dan Grauer, DDS, Ph.D.; Ripsik Gukasyan, DDS; Tran Han, DDS; Helia Hooshangi, DDS; Julie Jenks, M.S., MPH, DDS; Boris Keselbrener, DDS; Tae Kim, DDS; Janet Lent, DDS; Richard S. Lin, DDS; W. Michael Madden, DDS; Ali Ostadali Makhmalbaf, DDS; John Morzov, DDS; Jose Polido, DDS; Elham Radan, DMD, M.Sc.; Rafael Roges, DDS; Neimar Sartori, DDS, MS, Ph.D.; Piedad Suarez, DDS; Santosh Sundaresan, DDS; Marlene Talley, DDS; Thomas Tanbonliong, Jr., DDS; Antonia Teruel, DDS, Ph.D.; Anita Tourah, DDS; Christina Wong, DDS

Research Assistant Professors: Matthew K. Lee, M.D.; Alireza Moshaverinia, DDS, Ph.D.; Yan Zhou, Ph.D.

Clinical Professors: Ralph B. Allman, M.S., DDS; David Good, DDS; John J. Lytle, DDS, M.D.; Gayle Macdonald, Ph.D.; Dennis-Duke R. Yamashita, DDS; Margarita Zeichner-David, Ph.D.

Clinical Associate Professors: Barbara D. Edwards, RDH; Mina Habibian, DMD, Ph.D.; John Kishibay, DMD, Ph.D.; Bach Le, DDS, M.D.; Michael Padilla, DDS; Anthony Park, DDS; Hovhanness Shnorhokian, DMD, Ph.D.; Ann Spolarich, Ph.D.; James W. Tom, DDS, M.S.; Arman Torbati, DDS; Leon Unterman, DDS

Clinical Assistant Professors: Mainul Ahsan, Ph.D.; Alexander Alcaraz, DMD; Juan Camarena, DDS; Gabriela Anderson, DDS; Vartuhi Avanesian, DDS; Nasrin Bahari Chopiuk, Ph.D.; Yaara Berdan, DDS; Xiao Mei Cui, DDS; Sibel Dincer, DDS, M.S.; Irene Esteves, BSDH; Maria Galvan, DMD; Ellen M. Grady, B.A.; Melina Gregorian, DDS; Stan Hanes, DDS; Lisa Hou, DDS; Steven Kallman, DDS; David Kang, DDS; Parabjeet Kaur, DDS; Theresia Laksmana, DMD, M.S.; Jennifer I-Chen Lo, DDS; Armando Lopez, DDS; Stacy Love, DDS; Joel McPherson, DDS; (Mehdi) Mohammad Mohammadi, MPH, DDS; Brett Nagatani, DDS; Camille Nakamura, DDS; Naomi Nguyen, DDS, M.S.; Lisa Oshiro, RDH; Vanessa Pardi, DDS, Ph.D.; Kristine Parungao, BSDH; Dieu Pham, DDS, M.D.; Vanthi Pham, DDS; Lisa Popkoff, DDS; Narendranath Ravindranath, Ph.D.; Lucille Rotstein, B.Ch.D.; Liane K. Sakai, DDS; Mary Satuito, DDS; Daniel Schechter, DDS; Michael Schneider, DMD; Natalia Slusky, DDS; Flora Stay, DDS; Judith Tefft, Ph.D.; Jeremy Teoh, MPH, DDS; Christopher Truhan, DDS; Zaw Win Tun, BDS, M.Sc.; Fabiana Varjao, Ph.D.; Tomoko Wada, DDS; Xun Sean Xu, Ph.D., DDS; Kiyomi Yamazaki, DDS, Ph.D.

Clinical Instructors: Amelia Andrade-Garcia, RDH; Joiakim Bakhoum, DDS; Joan Beleno, RDH; Katheryn Bowns, RDH; Linda Brookman, RDH; Linus Chong, DDS, M.S.; Patricia Denny, M.A.; Shahrok Jedian, DDS; Senovita Lopez, RDH; Gerald McClellan, DDS; Albert Mizrahi, DDS; Diane Nguyen, DDS; Michaela Nguyen, RDH; Theresa Nguyen, RDH; Michael Rabinovici, DDS; Carlos Sanchez, RDH; Eugene Zakaryan, DDS

*Recipient of university-wide or school teaching award.

Degrees Offered

The Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry awards the following degrees: the Bachelor of Science, Dental Hygiene; the Master of Science, Dental Hygiene; the Master of Science, Geriatric Dentistry; the Master of Science, Orofacial Pain and Oral Medicine; the Doctor of Dental Surgery; the Advanced Operative Dentistry Certificate/M.S., Craniofacial Biology; the Advanced Orthodontics Certificate/M.S., Craniofacial Biology; the Advanced Pediatric Dentistry Certificate/M.S., Craniofacial Biology; the Advanced Pediatric Dentistry Certificate/Ph.D., Craniofacial Biology; the Advanced Periodontology Certificate/M.S., Craniofacial Biology; Advanced Dental Education Certificate programs in Endodontics, Geriatric Dentistry, Operative Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orofacial Pain, Oral Medicine, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontology, and Prosthodontics; Master of Science in Craniofacial Biology; and the Doctor of Philosophy in Craniofacial Biology. The school also offers a minor in craniofacial and dental technology.