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Undergraduate Simi Vehikite carves detail into his clay vessel for FACE
112, an introductory ceramics course. Ceramics is one of six traditional disciplines offered as part of the interdisciplinary degree program at the USC Roski School of Art and Design. Popular minors such as
communication design and 3-D design explore the convergence of art, design and technology, and the expanding landscape of creative careers.

Founded in 1883, the USC Roski School of Art and Design is a leader in the constellation of influential Los Angeles art schools. Our programs encourage interdisciplinary approaches to studio art, design, curatorial practice and critical studies. USC Roski trains artists, designers and curators in aesthetic acuity, technical ability and critical insight.

Students pursuing a B.A. have ample opportunity to explore the academic offerings of a world-class research institution, while BFA students immerse themselves fully in studio production. A distinguished and dedicated faculty teaches comprehensive courses in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, photography, design, digital media and critical studies. Students work across media to push perceived boundaries and discover their individual voices within increasingly global contexts.

At the graduate level, the MFA program is recognized nationally for its breadth and intensity, and a faculty of renowned practicing artists. Spacious private studios, one-on-one critiques with influential guest lecturers, and the expanded field of production offered by the Roski School’s location in Los Angeles attract a highly selective student cohort. The M.A. program, Art and Curatorial Practices in the Public Sphere, is a platform for scholarship in contemporary art that addresses social questions of public space. In addition to a master’s thesis, each class collectively engages in a curatorial practicum, culminating in an exhibition project that explores city-space.

Southern California is an unparalleled creative capital. Leading museums, galleries, advertising agencies, design firms, artist studios, and the music and film industries offer emerging artists and designers a wealth of internship and employment opportunities throughout their course of study.

Watt Hall of Architecture and Fine Arts 104
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FAX: (213) 740-8938


Erica Muhl, DMA, Dean


Professors: Jud Fine, MFA; Robbert Flick, MFA*; Margaret Lazzari, MFA*; Rochelle Steiner, Ph.D.; Ruth Weisberg, M.A.*

Associate Professors: Bob Alderette, MFA; Sharon Lockhart, MFA; Frances Stark, MFA; Charlie White, MFA

Associate Professors of the Practice of Fine Arts: Shannon Ebner, MFA; Karen Koblitz, MFA; Haven Lin-Kirk, MFA; Ann Page, BFA; Julia Paull, MFA

Assistant Professor of the Practice of Art Criticism: Rhea Anastas, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors of the Practice of Fine Arts: Sherin Guirguis, Jennifer West

Visiting Assistant Professor: A.L. Steiner

Full-time Lecturers: Caroline Clerc, MFA; Andrew Kutchera, MFA; Ewa Wojciak, MFA

Part-time Lecturers: China Adams, MFA; Tom Allen, MFA; Tanya Batura, MFA; Maura Brewer, MFA; Connie Butler, B.A.; Andrew Byrom, MFA; Jeffrey Cain, MFA; Steve Child, MFA; Molly Corey, M.A.; Trinie Dalton, MFA; Alexis Disselkeon, MFA; Xavier Fumat, MFA; Phyllis Green, MFA; Emilie Halpern, MFA; Peter Holzhauer, MFA; Marc Horowitz, MFA; Patrick Jackson, MFA; Vishal Jugdeo, MFA; Helen Kim, MFA; Christopher Lahti, M.A., MFA; Karen Liebowitz, MFA; Nancy Lupo, MFA; Tala Madani, MFA; Marisa Mandler, MFA; David McDonald, MFA; Joseph Morris, MFA;  Brian Olson, B.A.; Richard Parker, MFA; Jennifer Phelps, MFA; Joseph Potts, MFA; Jonathan Pylypchuk, MFA; Rachel Roske, MFA; David Schafer, MFA; Asha Schecter, MFA; Thomas Schorer, MFA; Julie Schustack, MFA; Paul Sietsema, MFA; Barbara Smith, MFA; Kevin Stadler, BFA; Jamie Sweetman, MFA; John Tain, BA; Lincoln Tobier, MFA; Osvaldo Trujillo, MFA; Noura Wedell, Ph.D.; Alexis Zoto, MFA

Emeritus Professors: Jay Willis, M.A..; Ron Rizk, MFA

*Recipient of university-wide or school teaching award.