University of Southern California

Roski School of Art and Design

Courses of Instruction

The terms indicated are expected but are not guaranteed. For the courses offered during any given term, consult the Schedule of Classes.

Design (FADN)

FADN 102 Design Fundamentals (4, FaSp) Introduction to the basic elements and processes of visual communication and design. Instruction includes studio projects, lectures and readings. Various media used. (Duplicates credit in former FA 102.)

FADN 202 Design II (4, FaSp) Exploration of essential elements of traditional and digital design, including color and image-text integration, editing information, typography and sequencing. (Duplicates credit in former FA 202.) Prerequisite: FADN 102; corequisite: FADN 203.

FADN 203 Digital Tools for Design (2, FaSp) Exploration of the processes of germination, ideation and application/execution in design integrated with computer usage. (Duplicates credit in former FA 203.)

FADN 230 3D Design: Materials and Tools (4, FaSp) Introduction to the study of 3-D Design. Includes a wide investigation of materials, tools, and techniques specific to dimensional design as they apply to package, product, and environmental design. Prerequisite: ACAD 176 or FADN 102.

FADN 302 Design III (4, FaSp) Advanced exploration of typography and image-text integration, including collaborative projects, pre-press and proofing techniques, narrative concepts and information architecture. (Duplicates credit in former FA 302.) Prerequisite: FADN 202.

FADN 303 Web Design (2, FaSp) A workshop-based course that focuses on software applications in design and web design. Prerequisite: ACAD 177 or FADN 203.

FADN 323 Design Theory (4, FaSp) A comprehensive study of visual communication focusing on graphic design from 1900 to the present. An introduction to design thinking, language and principles including political and cultural implications.

FADN 330 3D Design: Objects and Space (4, FaSp) A continuation of FADN 230 to produce finished models and prototypes of package, product and environmentally-based designs in actual and virtual space. Prerequisite: FADN 230.

FADN 332ab Typography (2-2, FaSp) a: The study of visual communication through the use of letterforms from historical tradition to contemporary experimental rebellion. b: Continuation of a. (Duplicates credit in the former FA 332ab.)

FADN 333 New York Design Study Tour (2, Sp) Historical and contemporary aspects of the New York design world, including a one-week trip to New York City to visit design firms, studios and museums. Airfare and accommodations extra. By application only. (Duplicates credit in former FA 333.)

FADN 402 Advanced Design Projects (4, max 12, FaSp) Advanced information design within a flexible curriculum. Emphasis on team-oriented projects. (Duplicates credit in former FA 402.) Prerequisite: FADN 302.

FADN 432 Special Projects in Design (2, max 6, FaSp) Students work on projects for outside clients, and receive instruction in professional practices, advanced design techniques, and sophisticated technology. By invitation or portfolio review only. Only open to upper division students. (Duplicates credit in former FA 432.) Prerequisite: FADN 302.