University of Southern California

Roski School of Art and Design

Courses of Instruction

The terms indicated are expected but are not guaranteed. For the courses offered during any given term, consult the Schedule of Classes.

Public Art Studies (PAS)

PAS 371 Art in the Public Realm: Contemporary Issues (4, FaSp) Critical frameworks and theoretical perspectives of contemporary public art issues explored through case studies and discussions with artists, architects, and designers engaging the public realm.

PAS 400 New Models of Art in City-Space (4) A focused examination of innovative processes utilized by contemporary local, national and international artists working in the public/social spaces of cities.

PAS 499 Special Topics (2-4, max 8, FaSp) Comprehensive exploration of particular aspects of public art.

PAS 549 Methodologies of Art Writing (3, Fa) Writing methods on art practices in the public sphere and public space, by curators, organizers, critics, scholars and artists.

PAS 550 Social Space, Publics and Counter-Publics (1) Seminar on interconnections between art, social space, media culture, in relation to notions of audience, community, and publics.

PAS 555abc Curatorial Practicum (a: 2, Sp; b: 2, Fa; c: 2, Sp) Students collaborate as a group for three terms to conceptualize and organize an exhibition project in an urban public space.

PAS 561 Curatorial/Organizational Models (2, Fa) Overview of strategies utilized by art organizations, curators, museums and non-profit/alternative spaces to conceptualize, develop, and organize art projects in the public realm.

PAS 571 Histories of Art in the Public Sphere (3, Fa) Topics in the history of the avant-garde in relation to public space and the public sphere, focusing on critical moments during the 20th Century.

PAS 572 Contemporary Art in the Public Sphere (3, Sp) Thematic investigation of artists who engage social space/the public realm, emphasizing practices and critical issues in contemporary art from the 1970s to the present.

PAS 581 Critical Conversations (3, Sp) A series of conversations with visiting artists, curators, organizers, critics, architects and theorists on seminal issues regarding the public sphere and public space.

PAS 582 Seminar: Contemporary Issues (3) Thematic seminar on the most recent developments of art in public space, and analysis of debates regarding the theorization of public space/the public sphere. Graded CR/NC.

PAS 585 Theorizing the Public Realm (3, Fa) Interdisciplinary exploration of theories of public space and the public domain, from the 19th century to the present.

PAS 590 Directed Research (1-12, FaSpSm) Research leading to the master’s degree. Maximum units which may be applied to the degree to be determined by the department. Graded CR/NC.

PAS 591 Field Internship Experience (1, max 2, FaSpSm) Supervised internship in an art institution or an art agency, or with an independent curator or artist, on projects and research specific to public space. Graded CR/NC. Recommended preparation: completion of first year of courses.

PAS 594abz Master’s Thesis (a: 2, Fa; b: 2, Sp; z: 0, FaSpSm) Credit on acceptance of thesis. Graded IP/CR/NC.

PAS 599 Special Topics (2-4, max 8)